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Introduction to Rasa

Sweet delights

Rasa, which means essence and taste celebrates the traditional and age-old art of sweet making which we in our sub-continent call mithai. Rasa is an emerging and ambitious venture that believes in treasuring traditional cultures. Through this project, Rasa hopes to reimagine the world of mithai in Nepal and repackage celebration, happiness, and gratitude in small balls of goodness.

Sweet boxes

Rasa, that’s crafting a new gifting tradition for Nepal. Rasa is the place to indulge in the world and wonder of mithai that has been crafted with love, care, and style. At Rasa, the idea of mithai has been redesigned to fit the new and changing world where hygiene, health and aesthetic are everything.

Childhood delights

Our recipes at Rasa, have been inspired by nostalgia, childhood, love, family, celebrations and more. Our rich melt-in-mouth ingredients are our ultimate pride.

Why the name, “Rasa”?

Rasa flavors

Rasa, a word that can be used to express flavour, sentiment, emotion and more. Spiritually, Rasa is a word that exemplifies the essence of human experience. It is believed that the taste of Rasa is one that evokes emotion and feeling but cannot be described.

Nepal celebrations

Through this venture, Rasa hopes to ignite the same emotions and feelings. Through carefully crafted sweetmeats, Rasa will bring a new meaning to gifting and indulging in mithai.

Vision of Rasa

Rasa journey

Nepal’s culture is synonymous with celebration, family, food, and togetherness. Home to many festivals and rituals, people of Nepal love to celebrate by gifting sweets and indulging in sweets. Rasa through its vision of introducing high-quality mithais, made with no artificial additives, ethically sourced ingredients and attractive packaging intends to transform the way Nepalis celebrate and gift.

Rasa flower

The team at Rasa has ventured beyond geographies and borders to understand the art of making sweets – gathered age old recipes, learned new techniques. With this, the team aims to imbibe new ideas and innovations into the existing process. Innovation in culinary has brought to light many new benefits and ingredients to the fore; Rasa will be incorporating these new techniques into its sweet making process.

Rasa innovations

Rasa offers healthier, fresher, and carefully crafted sweets to a new and conscious Nepal.

The Flower & Rasa

Rasa essence

The flower above the logo Rasa: has nine leaves signifying the Nine - Navras of emotional empowerment. The nine emotions are:

Rasa emotions

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